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  W5 didn't become one of Alberta's most trusted trucking operations by accident. At W5, safety is a top priority. W5 has a strict policy of hiring only the most skilled and qualified drivers. We also go to great lengths to continually maintain and update our entire fleet of quality trucks and trailers. Each year, W5 invests substantially in equipment and training to make sure we remain one of the safest carriers on the road.

Selective hiring procedures, training and meticulous vehicle maintenance all play major roles in W5's impeccable safety record.

Air-ride suspension is a must when shipping appliances, food products, glassware or other types of breakable products. W5 will continue to make this feature standard equipment on all trucks and trailers.

Before a driver can work at W5, he or she must go through an intensive screening process that requires a clean driving record, solid work history, and safe driving skills. After a driver is hired, he or she will receive on-going training from our Safety Department.

Our Flat Deck Fleet Really Shines

As specialists in the OSB and other building materials market, W5 spares no expense in constantly updating, servicing and/or replacing worn equipment.

To keep the fleet running and operating as smoothly as possible, our fully-equipped maintenance shop performs an extensive, preventive-maintenance program on all vehicles. And drivers are required to keep their vehicles spotlessly clean. This is why W5 trucks serve as shining examples of quality on the road.

To further guarantee safety to our shippers' products, W5 utilizes air-ride suspension on all tractors and trailer units. We will continue to make air-ride a must on all new W5 equipment. This means reduced breakage on every run. So when W5 is working for your organization, you can be confident that your cargo will arrive exactly the way it's supposed to -- safe and sound.

Whether loading or unloading, W5 makes cargo handling simple and safe at both ends of the run.

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