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Super B flat deck services brochure

  We remain committed to delivering superior customer service and safe operation every time we take our show on the road, 365 days a year. We invite you to take a look at the way we operate. You will find no other carrier that is more reliable, service-oriented or cost-effective.

R.J. (Dick) Whenham, President W5 Transport Ltd.

In the office and on the road, W5's people make the difference; a difference that has earned us a solid reputation with shippers.

super b flat deck trucking service in Western Canada, Yukon and Northwest TerritoriesBefore you can select the best trucking operation to meet your needs, what do you look for? High-quality, well-maintained equipment? Skilled drivers? A good reputation?

While all of these attributes are important, what you're really looking for is a carrier that offers all of these things to provide peace of mind. You want to be sure, without a doubt, that your freight is being expedited in the best possible manner. It must be picked up on time, arrive safely, on schedule, on budget and with no hassles or surprises. You want a carrier you can depend on through thick and thin; one that makes you feel secure. What you want is a company like W5 Transport.

Service ~ Safety ~ Stability

Since 1987, W5 Transport has been providing superior service, safety and stability to shippers throughout the province. In fact, it begins the moment you call.

W5 Transport's representatives and dispatchers are highly trained, experienced and friendly. Equipped with the latest computer technology, the W5 staff stays in close touch with our customers, drivers and all appropriate parties to assure that you are constantly aware of the status of your shipment.

Whether it's the president, a driver or receptionist, everyone at W5 Transport is willing to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. Phone calls are returned promptly. Paperwork is handled efficiently. In short, we pay attention to the details, and do our best to continually follow-up each step of the way.

With the implementation of a total quality management process, W5 is continually striving to enhance service levels in all key areas of its operation -- fleet management to billing.

And because timing is everything in this business, W5's trucks are always where they're supposed to be, when they're supposed to be there. Our delivery record speaks for itself. On the average, W5 achieves and sustains a 98% on-time pick up and delivery rate.

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